Recovery And Warranty Issues

I shall keep this blog very short. Many people are confused about whether they will be able to secure warranty post data recovery. A hard drive warranty gets void only if it has been physically opened and the heads are exposed. 99% of the times there is no requirement of a physical inspection or opening to perform data recovery. Please do not allow any one to open your drive directly unless an internal fault is confirmed on the diagnostic tools.

There are a few screw protecting stickers which decide whether a hard drive is eligible for a warranty replacement. If these strikers are torn/damaged, one may not be able to claim warranty. Plastic casing can be opened up with permissions given by the mfg.

Before initiating any recovery process, kindly contact the mfg on their support email and ask for a permission to go ahead for data recovery. This would allow us to at least open us the plastic casing of the drive to inspect the PCB (which is external on the drive) or view logs via diagnostic port(which is un-accessible if the drive is in plastic casing)