WD: All Bad Sectors Case Study

CASE STUDY:Today I received a SATA WD500LPVX. Detecting but all sectors were logically bad. It was slow too. So first I took back up of ROM,start dir, ovls , translator, plist, SF logs,other imp modules of data recovery and found it was VERY VERY SLOW. So just took 01, and ovl and it read successfully, then I did a Slow Read Fix. After slow read fix drive was behaving fast and i could take all SA backup+rom all mods...On checking mods i found relo was not being read at all. Even by 0 or 1 and that was the problem as usual.. Tried to move relo to some other track, it wrote to 01 and then restarted drive...FM_ERR_Header and I was sure that 01 has got corrupted.....I gained access to SA by bypass SA read and re patched 01....on checking module, the Header was still bad and content was garbage. Then I just wrote to head 0 instead of writing by ID which was not helping(these drives may be strictly write by ABA,who knows)...Restarted drive by flashing original rom and I got the drive back to its original condition....Now the place where relo was written had head 0 working...so I just patched a donor relo module and got access to user data.. Heads are a little poor..The case got closed with Deepspar working outstandingly on the imaging front smoothly imaging the patient HDD.... Tools used: DFL SRP:To Repair Firmware. DeepSpar: Imaging