The Agreement

I am unconditionally giving this drive to A1 salvation data.

I am aware that the drive is A non functioning,I know that the data recovery from such a disk is difficult to do.I accept any recovery method or procedure as deemed fit by the engineers.

I am giving permission to open the drive, if needed, also to repair, or replace,make changes to pcb, and the original firm ware, or other parts. My drive is already in a bad condition, I have been explained that the user data obtained, would be on as and where basis, and that it could also be inoperable data, or originally infected by viruses, Trojans or malware.

I shall accept the data, as it was in the drive, assuming the fact that the obtained data would still be infected, or have missing files or headers, or also some data must have been lost, due to any condition, before the drive went into non functionality.

I shall not claim any warranties, or data loss charges from anyone in this company.

20% charges of the estimate would remain non refundableand advance taken by me for A1 salvation data.

The estimate given can be increased or decreased, if the drive takes more time or money for its survival.

I know that 75% of the data could be trapped in bad sectors, and the data in bad sectors cannot be salvaged and is lost forever.

I know that, certain file types have header files, which can get damaged with viruses, or power.

Fluctuations, or during data transfer, or already get corrupted by cut paste technology.

I have been explained that head or platter transplant may also be required in click and stop drives. In such cases, I give permission to purchase a drive and the head replacement tool, to A1 salvation data, giving in advance an extra decided upon amount for arranging another driveand firmware, or any printed Circuit boards or micro SMD parts.

I give permission to desolder and solder any component on logic board, as necessary for my drive to function back.

I know that data recovery process can cause new bad sectors, scratch on platters, or stop a functioning head.

I have been explained clearly that no guarantee for working data or drive is possible in the best of hands in by a data Recovery expert person around the world.

I am aware that A1 salvation data has all the equipment, material and knowledge, know how, head and platter transplant, setting and resetting the drive to a adequate working condition.

I am aware that the drive could be non returnable, if I do not pay the charges in full, or postpone Payments, or do not come back WITHIN 6 WORKING DAYS to take back my data and drive, and if I am from another state, I shall arrange a pick up asapor pay in advance for data recovery and send back.

I am solely responsible for all and any type of data from the drive, and the data recovery expert is not responsible for obscene data, pictures, or movies downloaded in the drive illegally.

I am solely responsible for any systems, system files, unlicensed software, copied, downloads, of all software and data in the drive, including pirated material including any negative reviews and comments which can cause defamation of A1salvation data or data recovery factory.I will be liable for all litigations and I will not claim any liability from the company The juridiction limits of Mumbai only.

I will take a return back delivery of my drive by signing in here within 6 working days. When I take back my non functioning drive, I have checked it and it is in the original condition when I gave to them. Any changes done were for my beneficiallity.

I have read the agreement as a necessary process before I submitted my hard disk to A1 salvation data. I accept and sign this agreement.