Recovery Protocol

Recovery Protocol

General Procedure

  1. Client gets the drive for a analysis at our office in Kandivili
  2. Hard Drive is examined on specific manufacturer specific tools
  3. Faults are analysed and rectified
  4. Rough time required for recovering data is is reported to the client
  5. Quotation is reported to the client
  6. If approved, then we go ahead with recovery with an advance payment of 20%
  7. A backup hard disk which is fully formated and with 100% health is provided to us by the client (MAKE SURE THE DRIVE IS FORMATTED AND IS WITHOUT USEFUL DATA,THIS IS IMPORTANT.)
  8. Health of the backup drive is measured, if 100% then data is backed up
  9. We keep the clients data for the next 48hrs and the client is requested to verify the backup drive data, Also call us if things are ok so that we can roll the next clients data on the same DRF drive 10.Cheque payments are accepted but backup drive and faulty drive is only dispatched to the client once the cheques are realized.

Cost Deciding Criterion

  • The type of fault in the hard disk
  • The type of hard disk
  • The media faults
  • The numer of bad sectors
  • The firmware availability of a hard disk
  • The pcb availability of hard disk
  • The shipping costs involved to get a donor parts
  • Previous tampered PCB/ROM/Hard disk/MEDIA/PLATTER/HEAD
  • The size and type of data on the hard disks
  • The operating System which is present,the cause of deletion of files,and the time taken for recovery
  • The time and effort involved for your hard disk
  • Formatted drives, lost partitions,Raw drives involve extra charges
  • The health of the hard disk as appears on our data recovery tools
  • The charges range from 4000 upwards
  • Please note that "No data = No charges" DOES NOT APPLY at our company
  • In case of memory cards and SD Cards the charges are decided only after a analysis of the card and condition of the card
  • If the card shows size as zero bytes and asks for formatting, then charges are decided after an analysis.The card has to be kept with us for 4 to 6 hours for a proper analysis
  • We do not do phone data recovery at present
  • We do not recover data from floppies and tapes
  • Analysis charges of 1000/disk apply for RAID HARD DISK, NAS AND SAS HARD DISKS

Note: All unclaimed hard disk, whose clients do not turn up for collection and payments are submitted to the nearest legal authorities, Clients have to collect their hard disk within the specified time. Failing to collect within the time frame, they have to go to the nearest legal authority, and get their hard disk claimed from them. However, the customer would be informed well in advance that his hard disk would get submitted to legal authorities if not claimed within the stipulated time.